Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My E-Mail to the White House

I don't believe in insouciant aloofness, especially with the economy teetering towards oblivion...

I am absolutely appalled by your behavior in your first term in office - I've no other way to put it. Please re-think your State of the Union Message.

If you take the doomed "centrist" path, you risk all for which tens of thousands of Americans worked their butts off. You risk undoing the New Deal with your ideas on a bipartisan commission on mandates. You risk contributing to the 40,000 Americans who die every year from a lack of health insurance.

And perhaps most importantly, you risk the credibility of the United States in the world, both with your economic policies designed to impoverish and weaken our economy, and by continuing the human rights abuses of the Bush regime.

The United States needs a full-throated progressive policy, not this lukewarm centrism.

I read that you said you would be comfortable being a good one term president instead of a two term president. These policies will doom you to another fate: a cowardly one term president, one who could not find the courage to take on the strong interests, one who could not find the courage to speak truth to power, but one who had no problem with ignoring or alienating those people and groups in America who stood with the weak and desperate.

Please re-think your State of the Union Message.

There's still time to change things, and most of America would rally to your support if you started speaking for them again. Note: you will never have the Tea Partiers, so don't even try.

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