Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Go read this post by Tom Armstrong

Here, wherein he notes a big distortion of Jack Kornfield in the Sacramento "Loaves and Fishes" "homeless ministry" "newsletter"  wherein they make a plea for money disturbingly reminiscent (to me at any rate) of the pitches of "missionaries" to Native Americans and Alaskan Indigenous People for money from the middle classes using  metaphors akin to the "foreign" "noble savage."

The contrast between the dana requested by these missionaries and that of the Forest Monks is telling: clearly the "Christians"  wish to portray the ultimate recipients of the dana as separate from them as well as the original givers.

Tom doesn't quite say those things; what he says is perhaps more significant than anything I could say here.


許向霖 said...

If you can, you can. ............................................................

Tom Armstrong said...

Wow. Thanks, Mumon.

In the wave of positive feeling following my first reading of your post, here, I wrote Jack Kornfield to ask what he thinks of it all.

Buddhism in America is still a small enough community, I think that even our celebrities - excepting maybe Richard Gere and Uma Thurmond - are likely to respond.

I do wish others would keep their muddy mitts off our religion for their blinky purposes.

Anonymous said...

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