Monday, June 07, 2010

Silva Life Systems?

I'm getting an ad on my blog for the "Silva Life System" which, when you click on the link,  has that infamous phrase, "What if I told you..."

What if I told you that all it takes to achieve the deepest levels of meditation known to man…
Is to download a FREE 30 minute-audio, play it on your computer or mp3 player, and listen?

And what if I told you , dear reader, as I have before, that you already meditate like a monk if you're a beginner or not, because all the tools you need are right between your ears?

All this stuff is predicated on a  quid pro quo: they want to get money in order to give you something, which you already have.

Great business model, eh?  So if you see their ad, be sure to click on it (so I will be able to donate more  money to worthy Buddhist temples & charities), but note the tab below; it's not for nothing that this seems like spiritual hucksterism to me.  I mean, if Jack Canfield and Wayne Dyer  endorse it, it must be worth a revenue stream from them!

Oh, and that applies of course to any other scamming ads on my site you might see.  You know what they might look like.

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