Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not much to blog about today on a Sunday...unless you expected me to comment on the Beck thing

But there is some things I have to attend to elsewhere.

Life is right in front of me. Best to be there.

It's hard to believe that with the cornucopia of content that there's nothing to blog about of substance, but pretty much all the hot air issues have been talked about to death by others, and it's kind of obvious where I stand and everything.

However, if you were thinking that I'd comment on the Beck thing, I'd recommend the Mother Jones article on it, and note these people are thinking:

a) Something's broken outside themselves
b) It's worth it, they believe, to schlep a long distance and get together and say, "That thing outside ourselves must be fixed!"
c) And that won't fix what's really wrong - it's something inside themselves.

And that's how today's news can be read like a sutra, I guess.

So I'm going to be in the real world for a while, attending to what is right in front of me and what's inside of me.

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