Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scientific findings (more or less)

“I was frankly demoralized that I’d be one of those people who ‘used to run’ and athletics would slowly become part of my past,” Jason said. It took time and effort to learn a new sport, he added. But now he loves swimming, especially, he says, the meditative aspect. “For 45 minutes, I can see little, hear only my thoughts, and talk to no one.” 
  • I have to contact a good friend who needs me.
  • Low carb diets are good for your heart.  Squaring that with wanting to leave a smaller earth foot-print to me is akin to "eating less."  As readers of this blog probably know, I am not a vegetarian, and I have moral and ethical issues with the idea that humans, who clearly have been evolving from and as meat eaters, should abandon all animal-based protein.  But in keeping with preserving life as much as possible, and in understanding that there's over 6 billion of us to feed, we have to do better about how we gather, prepare, and consume food.
  • Thankfully, nipple piercings have given some researchers a topic to study, and the study indicates that some serious things might happen.
  • Ray Kurzweil is a quack.  Oh, and for a variety of reasons I doubt his "singularity" will arrive. But PZ Myers isn't completely right either.


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