Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I don't want to go into details...

But some folks out there know exactly about what I'm writing.

I'm more than a bit conflicted over an action I've been asked to take recently. What it concerns is one person's wrongdoing, many people's reactions, groupthink, and what it essentially means to judge or forgive someone.

What happened in the past only exists insofar as the consequences that are present now. Otherwise, that past does not exist.

Learning this on a deep level is a very important part of practice. I know the situation in hand likely still is operative in many people's lives, but although I was tangentially present long ago (and never noticed anything) I cannot say I was competent then or now to adjudicate what the proper resolution to the wrongdoing was or is, although the wrongdoer's recent acknowledgments should weigh large in decisions. I can say that the person's past is truly in the past, and I would want to be judged that way for all the wrong I've done as well. I also know that what the group is demanding will have been moot in a few weeks regardless.

So I am leaning towards not taking any action; it is not that I condone anything - or have the power to acknowledge any kind of forgiveness - I am just as incompetent to acknowledge forgiveness of the man as I am to judge the degree of the person's wrongdoing.

It is that I don't see the point right now. The story has been played out.

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