Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept. 11, 2010

I am an ex-New Yorker, and I was shocked 9 years ago today to find that the twin towers had been destroyed by religious fanatics, with thousands of people murdered.

Having recently revisited  downtown New York, I was reminded of how much, and how very real that area was as a killing field, if not a battlefield.  If you are mindful you cannot go there and not be moved.

When there's talk of "ground zero mosques," "burning Korans," or even saying "we're one nation under god," it distracts from that butchered raw feeling of mourning and horror, in which we truly are all one.

Update: Also, see this post and comment thread on Daily Kos.


Kyle said...

One day I should post the whole story of that day, from my brother being in the Pentagon to my sons birth to finding out about his condition. Saddness and happiness never collided so hard before.

Mumon said...

I can imagine that this is a very difficult to discuss, but I'd read it if it were posted.

Alan Gregory Wonderwheel said...

Due to a trip planned before 9/11/01 I visited NY city on 10/11. The smell was still in the air, the dust still on the buildings, the smoke still smoldering. I walked around the perimeter as close as civilians could go. When I got to the entrance where the big trucks were exiting with rubble and debris on the flat bed trailers, I tried to take photos of the trucks while standing on the sidewalk. A soldier in full uniform carrying an M-16 made threatening gestures at me & told me to not take photos.

Mumon said...

Those were serious times. Soldiers with rifles at airports.