Friday, July 15, 2005

Bush is starting to act like a perp

I love that word, "perp," and I so rarely get a chance to use it when blogging.

But today's treasongate coverage of Rove seems to show that Bush is still being mum on his support for Rove...makes you wonder why the moonbats on the right drank the Kool-Aid:

On the tarmac in North Carolina, your pool was able to walk briefly alongside the president and ask if he still had faith in Karl Rove. The question was met with a stare straight ahead, silence and a quick brush-off motion of Bush's left hand, as if the president were Swatting away an insect.

In other news on treasongate:

  • Evidently Novak sang like a canary.

    Did Robert Novak rat on New York Times reporter Judith Miller? While some have suggested Miller—who never wrote a word about CIA spook Valerie Plame—was dragged into the leak probe when her name turned up on a White House call log, several beltway insiders close to the investigation say special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald learned of Miller’s involvement from Novak himself.

    Though the GOP hatchetman claims he’s never spoken to the grand jury about the column, a well-known Democratic pundit tells Radar, “Novak is the media’s Joseph Valachi,” referring to the 1960’s mafia capo who was the first mobster to testify against La Cosa Nostra. “There’s no question he rolled over.” According to our sources, Miller shared Plame’s identity with her perfidious fellow neocon after deciding not to publish it herself; Novak then called his two White House sources for confirmation and wrote the July 14, 2003 column that blew Plame’s cover

  • Ari Fleischer may be in trouble too.

  • The Rove camp's latest leak is debunked (yes, another America blog link) here. And finally,...

  • (No, not another Americablog link) Is Bush guilty of obstruction of justice?

  • I'll give Kevin Drum the last word here (and it is replete reasonableness) about the "Rove revelation that Novak told him the name":

    This story has obviously been so carefully leaked that it's hard to know if there's any actual truth value to it. You can make up your own mind about that, I suppose.

This is getting to be great fun watching it unfold, and watching as the moonbats keep trying to justify what appears to be felonies.

But evidently all this hoopla hasn't stopped Fitzgerald.

Bush can always fire him, I guess, but he'd have to wait til January, like Nixon did.

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