Thursday, July 07, 2005

One more post on London

I was living in Manhattan in '93, during the WTC bombing. My father was still working in the building, but luckily at the time he was in a relatively safer place- Cairo, Egypt, on business.

I remember the messy commute back to NY from Long Island where I worked at the time; I remember thinking, "Whatever they're (the bombers) are for, I'm against it simply because of the commute," which was abominable- I was on the Triboro bridge for one hour.

The reality is, the situation in London's actually not that much worse than the '93 WTC bombing- it's certainly no 9/11 in terms of the number killed or injured and the property damage.

It's roughly on a par with the Aum Shinrikyo subway attack in 1995.

Thus the prognosis- you read it here first- is no lasting damage like 9/11.

Watch what Fox and CNN say instead.

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