Monday, July 18, 2005

OK, forget everything I've written; FOTF quotes Gary Bauer: Treasongate is a "pseudo-scandal."

Well, according to FOTF's unnamed "observers" it's " an attempt by liberals and the media to discredit Bush."

Of course, the fact that Bush and his regime have stonewalled on this, flip-flopped, and backtracked has nothing to do with it.

However, not content to wallow in shameless propaganda, FOTF quotes, of all people, legal luminary Gary Bauer, who goes right on to mis-state (lie about? well anyway, the lie's in bold) the meaning of the relevant statute:

"This is not a national security scandal," he said. "And the law that people are citing requires you to cite an individual's name, it requires you to knowingly do it, knowing that that individual is undercover and could be endangered. None of these things are fulfilled by the Karl Rove phone calls."

As everybody in the blogosphere knows by now, that bold stuff is just plain horse-hockey.

And I'd say it is a national security scandal, and a big one, and I've got 3/4 of America who agrees with me on that one.

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