Monday, August 22, 2005

Conservative Terrorist Rudolph sentenced.

But this is is the important point:

John Hawthorne, whose wife, Alice, had died in the attack on Olympics, addressed Mr. Rudolph during the sentencing to describe him as Napoleonic - "little person, big bomb."

"You're still a small man," he said. "You show defiance and arrogance, but only to hide your fear of the dismal future in store for you." Mr. Hawthorne played a video tribute to his wife and noted that today would have been their 18th wedding anniversary.

Fallon Stubbs, Alice Hawthorne's 23-year-old daughter, offered Mr. Randolph forgiveness. "Because of you, I have become a tolerant person," said Ms. Stubbs, who was also injured in the bombing. "Not for you, but for me, I forgive you, I look at you, I love you.

"And if I cry," she added, "it's not for me. It's not for my mother. It's not for my father. It's for you."

At that point, Mr. Rudolph appeared to break eye contact, according to The Associated Press.

It's good that -unlike Paul Hill- Rudolph will have the rest of his life to contemplate the horrors he's inflicted on others.

And thankfully the extremistrs won't make a martyr out of the timid Rudolph like they did with Paul Hill.

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