Friday, August 12, 2005

Economics blogs now driving investment trends...

So says the WSJ:

While many investors continue to take their cues from traditional outlets, the real news junkies -- including those who aim to get a trading idea before they hear about it from their broker -- have bookmarked the blogs, or Web logs. Even Wall Street itself is paying heed.

"It's all about the 'memes,' " says Stan Jonas, head of interest rate strategy at Fimat USA in New York, employing a word that describes ideas that spread quickly by word of mouth -- or Web. "Those guys say it and about a week or two later, the guys on Wall Street pick it up."

via The Big Picture...

The econ blogs mentioned:


It probably bothers some to see Kos here (I don't have access to the original article, and don't know why "Truth Laid Bear" is there for the life of me), but good economic insight is often posted by Kos diarists.

It's made me money.

I'd also add seeking alpha, and especially his economics blog resource pages.

Notice how fair and balanced I am??? I've even linked to a page that links to Becker and Posner's blog...

Want great investing advice? If you're looking to see what makes money, don't have ideological blinders on, but do understand that others will act on behalf of ideology. It's no crime to make a wise investment that supports your own ideology though.

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