Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Do people really want to be like they are on their blogs?

I think it's the Cindy Sheehan thing that's making the righties jump the shark- yes- jump right over that sucker, for me.

Take Michelle Malkin (e.g., here and here); please.

I'm sure Mr. Maglagang takes her everywhere, but she always finds her way back home.

Folks such as Malkin ( she's who has written things that reasonable people can call racist) have a problem with Cindy Sheehan.


Malkin has a problem with Michael Moore, too, evidently.

Do you want to be like Michelle Malkin? Do you want to trash the name of someone who gave far more than Malkin can possibly conceive for Bush's folly?

Malkin has a lesson for us: we should practice right speech.

Similarly, Joe Carter, through his quotes on "Justice" "Sunday" II (if there were justice it would involve a some prosecutorial inquiries into Tom DeLay) quotes one Jerry Sutton, who teaches the same lesson. Sutton, to my way of thinking, is clearly slandering Michael Schiavo here, and one would hope that Schiavo would actually sue him. No doubt Schiavo has sustained damages for this type of behavior, and it's time that "Dr." Sutton learn what right speech is all about.

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