Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Kos gets this one right....

I have a problem with the DLC: they have failed to address the real problems facing America, and for years wanted to be nothing more than "Republican lite."

Kos lays out the real reasons for the power struggle now, - or should I see retreat by the DLC forces- and illustrates why Hilary made a big faux pas by cozying up to them:

DLC became a power player in the party by becoming a conduit for corporate money at a time when the Democratic Party was starved for funds. The price -- the party had to abandon working-class Americans on behalf of those Big Corporate interests. As for the DLC, it was the financial gatekeeper, and enjoyed all the associated perks.

Suddenly, a centrist governor burst into the scene -- Howard Dean. Just a year or two prior, Dean had been lauded by the DLC for his centrism, yet they weren't happy with the new-look Dean. Part of it was his anti-war stance, in an organization stock-full of chickenhawks. But more threatening to the DLC was the source of Dean's funding -- people. Regular people, like me and you. Dean no longer had to prostrate himself before the DLC's corporate masters and pay proper homage. The DLC no longer played gatekeeper. And if From and Co. can't control the flow of money, they lose their influence.

That's the root of this feud. It isn't about middle, center, right, left, liberal or whatever. Witness how often Armando has linked to the DLC's Ed Kilgore (a well-liked, genuinely nice guy) in the past. And rarely (if ever) in a way that offended my own politics (nor most of yours, I would venture to guess). Remember that when the DLC cries that the Big Bad Liberals are out to stamp out the Poor Moderates in the party.

In reality, it's about who controls the money. And that's why the DLC is becoming irrelevant (hence the importance to them of the Hillary pact), and why it is doomed to irrelevance.

I have no idea what Kos's "plan" is, but I do know this: the new democrat network (spawned from the DLC, but not associated with them today) has a real agenda, and the DLC doesn't.

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