Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Little Dick-taters...

Random thoughts while I hear a recent spewage by McClellan at a press conference. Lots of projection here.

Dick Cheney, according to somebody at a recent White House press conference, has stated that he wants to turn the clock back to before Watergate, when Nixon stated things like he could do whatever he wanted.

Thus we see that the "War on Terrorism" is an act of terrorism itself.

Scotty McClellan is an embarassment for the United States of America.

We need to know all the details of the spying on Americans immediately. The "enemy" to these people is not bin Laden (that's our enemy) their enemy is us.

George W. Bush is a destabilizing force in a strategically important part of the world- our country. By advancing freedom in the United States, and helping to remove George W. Bush from power (legally) we are ensuring the safety of America.

Scotty McClellan's taking Helen Thomas and he's just repeating shit at random, in a way that's completely unrelated to what she said.


This diary at Kos explains why these thoughts came into my head; there's only so much bullshit a mind can take at a time.

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