Sunday, December 25, 2005

More nonsense from the right...

It's Christmas Day, my wife and son are asleep, and while waiting for them to awake with a lousy cold likely picked up from a kid in a movie theater, I came upon this gem from the NY Times:

While attending a Pennsylvania Republican Party picnic, Jennie Mae Brown bumped into her state representative and started venting.

"How could this happen?" Ms. Brown asked Representative Gibson C. Armstrong two summers ago, complaining about a physics professor at the York campus of Pennsylvania State University who she said routinely used class time to belittle President Bush and the war in Iraq. As an Air Force veteran, Ms. Brown said she felt the teacher's comments were inappropriate for the classroom.

The encounter has blossomed into an official legislative inquiry, putting Pennsylvania in the middle of a national debate spurred by conservatives over whether public universities are promoting largely liberal positions and discriminating against students who disagree with them.

George W. Bush has been an unmitigated disaster for America, and it will be up to historians to judge just how close to the bottom his presidency will be put. But one thing is clear: Acadamic freedom demands that nobody muzzle academics. Especially if they don't like George W. Bush.

My doctoral thesis advisor was a survivor of a concentration camp, being a Jew from Lvov. I remember once in class he went on a digression for quite a few minutes, and invoked the company I.G. Farben, manufacturers of Zyclon-B, with the words "the bastards!" attached to it.

He was a generous man who had a very hard life, and I would never want him or anyone like him muzzled because some knee-jerk conservative idiots want don't like criticism of Dear Leader. If they want a country like that they should move to North Korea.

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