Monday, June 22, 2009

Something to think about when stuck in traffic on a freeway...

I had a horrendous time getting around yesterday because of this...

Portland police officers took a man into custody on the Interstate 5 Bridge Sunday evening, ending a standoff that blocked southbound traffic on I-5 for almost four hours.

The man was considered suicidal and had not been charged with a crime Sunday evening, but he was being held for a mental-health evaluation, said Portland police spokesman Sgt. Mike Marshman.

The man had been armed with a knife and a hunting bow. While nobody was injured, the big issue was what Marshman called "a mushrooming cloud of a traffic problem."

Southbound traffic was stopped "for everybody’s safety," he said. "The northbound side was open, but people were stopping to watch. So even though it was open, (northbound) traffic essentially was stopped."

Somebody was trying to save someone's life.

I do wish when they issued traffic reports they'd make that plain as day.

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