Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And the reason I read PZ Myers is the sensibility...

And Myers brings to my attention that not only did I miss the bonobos on PBS last night, I also missed Larry King!

And that probably was not worth watching anyway...'cause Myers is right on this point (my paraphrase): when you put Deepak Chopra, Dinesh D'Souza, and a guy from a reality show substituting for Larry King in a room, do not expect profundity...

CHOPRA: Well, birth and death are space-time events in the continuum of life. So the opposite of life is not death. The opposite of death is birth. And the opposite of birth is death...But if I ask you to imagine the color red or look at the color red, there's no red in your brain. There's just electrical firings.

Birth and death aren't opposites, according to the definition of "opposite." Death isn't really "at the other end or side" of either birth or life. Death is implicit in life. And those electrical firings in your brain you (or your brain) are trained to perceive as red.

There's more there, embedded within the whole transcript. It's as bad or worse than that.

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