Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hollow Sync

Via a comment from the inimitable Nella Lou at the inimitable gniz place I learned that not only does "Bill" Harris not like people saying he's a liar and a scammer, but he evidently doesn't want "disparaging" things said about him, his products or the Centerpointe Research Institute [sic].

Either that or his attorney went rogue on him; but in any case, it's clearly over the top - I'd call it "vicious" behavior. Maybe somebody's brain was malfunctioning? I dunno but it sure seems like someone was being really coercive here.

I will say this: from the post in question, I would have to conclude that Mr. Harris is not practicing what I would consider right action or right livelihood. And by trying to glom onto that awful "The Secret/'Law' of Attraction" trend (as his blog notes as of today), he's not propagating anything that I know of as Dharma. That's his right, of course, but the idea that somehow his schtick is in any way related to anything "Zen monks" do is simply absurd.


Al said...

Can I add your blog to the Zen Community aggregator at

Mumon said...


Please do by all means.

Stuart said...

My Zen teacher always stressed the why of practice (and life). Whatever you do: for what? for who? Am I sitting Zen to get something for myself? Or to examine and question this I/my/me, for the sake of helping all beings?

"The Secret" isn't correct Zen, as it's entirely focussing on getting what you want, without examining and questioning this "I want" thinking itself.


Mumon said...

Yeah. Hollow Sync seems to be sold to those wanting to collect experiences like one collects butterflies. There is a reason there is more to Zen Buddhism than just enlightenment.

Dan said...

This blog post is pretty interesting, purporting to include the actual threatening email from Bill Harris:

Anonymous said...

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