Monday, December 21, 2009

My Ads

I feel I must keep repeating this, because Google's always coming up with new ways to amaze me.

A good bit of the posts on this site are roundly critical of what I call "Spiritual Hucksterism," which can be roundly characterized as the practice of folks trying to exploit people's authentic search for meaning and spirituality (as defined as co-incident with cultivation of one's life, breath, and related issues).

And yet, in an act of supreme karmic algorithmic irony, Google sees fit to have all kinds of advertisers on my blog who seem to be nothing but spiritual hucksters.

As well as reputable advertisers like Williams-Sonoma, Progressive Insurance, and McDonalds (OK, that's a toss-up: who'd you rather take money from, McDonalds or Quantum Jumping???)

So please note that I don't endorse anything from these advertisers, and roundly condemn many of them, but perhaps not all of them, even as I supposedly get $$$ if you click on their links. Get on-Board the Special Buddhist Train. Become a Spiritual Coach. Align with Divinity. Adjust your chakras. Just remember, you pays your money and you takes your chances. It's your carnival. Ask your doctor if Quantum Jumping is right for you. If you have satori lasting more than 12 hours, see your doctor immediately.

And, in revisiting the time-honored concept of the Sunday newspaper weighing 300 pounds and taking this concept to absurdity, may I present my "advertising only blog," an experiment to see if anyone in cyberspace clicks on a blog that's only advertising. Not to mention it's also an experiment to see who'd be crazy enough to advertise on a blog that's only advertising. I'll let you know if it actually makes any money. I doubt it. But nothing surprises me in this world.

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