Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Buddhist Blogs...

I recently was directed to Blog Pulse, which purports to yield "Blog Trends," and which as a very nice blog search engine built into it. (The next google?)

They also have a multi-blog toolkit from which you can track conversations, and memes.

But it's the search engine that I used today, to check out the kinds of Buddhist blogs out there, or at least blog posts related to Buddhism. And what did I find?

Karen Armstrong's sister is a member of Soka Gakkai. Hmmmm... I only knew one or 2 Soka Gakkai people, and one was Japanese, and quite normal, except for the American ex-marine gun nut to whom she was married.

John Soper's talking some time off...(he probably needs it.)

And Shokai's in autumnal Samsara...

In short, I'm underwhelmed by what's out there. For my taste, too much repetition of other folks' "wise words." A bit of self-aborption here and there (and please don't assume I'm singling anyone in particular out there) masquerading as Great Truths. (Good try is here, though. Here too. )

To communicate what's not communicable with words ain't easy, and practice isn't about what profundities we can write on blogs. But this is still kind of a bright shiny new toy, these blog things, and I guess it takes time.

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