Saturday, November 06, 2004

Did I quiet someone down?

I had, prior to this eleciton, been thinking that it's time to re-engage conservatives (with whom one could have a polite cyberconversation- i.e., no trolls) to attempt to get over some of the divisions we have in this country...

Anyhow, in my cyber-travels, I came across this:

Rachel, one of the members of the group, turned to me and asked me the right question "So how are we supposed to live out a Christian worldview?" Great question. What does that look like on Monday morning?

This question is why I want to teach about worldviews. There are many excellent worldview courses out there. The topic is hot these days. All of the courses I have seen are strong on philosophy, strong on apologetics, but somewhat weak on application. The great need in worldview teaching is helping folks connect the dots on how to think and live with an integrated worldview.

Now as any Buddhist or existentialist will tell you, there's a good reason for that, because the world of ideas and the world of practice are not the same.

Anyway, I kind of intimated that in a few places (politely, I believe), and haven't really gotten a response. It wasn't really my intention to quiet folks down, and maybe the guy who wrote that is busy.

But I am waiting to see what the answer would be.

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