Sunday, November 14, 2004

Still not telling the truth on Iraq

Oddly enough, there's a story in the San Antonio Express-News "Military Now Faces Civilian Crisis" that doesn't appear on their website.

Or maybe not so odd.

Here is sort of the story picked up... sort of... it lacks the quote I wanted to note...but that quote, luckily enough, is here:

Asked whether Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and other rebel leaders had left the city,[Marine Col Michael] Schupp said: "I don’t know if they left but they’re cowards."

The San Antonio Express-News attributes a similar quote to Col. Patrick Malay. Malay's version adds, "They probably disguised themselves in womens' clothes and slipped out."

Whoever said it, it's either lousy propaganda, or they can't say the truth because of problems from the Bush regime, or they're incompetent.

The situation with the insurgents was expected: this is right out of the Guerilla Warfare Playbook. Or, as Mao Zedong said,

When the enemy advances, we retreat.
When the enemy camps, we harass.
When the enemy retreats, we advance.
When the enemy flees we pursue.

Everybody who's read anything about Vietnam or China knows this. So why engage in all this "coward" stuff? They're not cowards- they're smart.

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