Friday, November 05, 2004

Well, it's starting to hit the fan...

As Atrios notes, here goes the value of the dollar...

I am reminded of a statement in Bertrand Russell's History of Western Philosphy, where Russell expressed amazement that at the time the Roman Empire was collapsing, the most powerful people were engaged in religious intolerance and bigotry, and petty theological disputes.

Well, I bought more shares of foreign bond mutual funds. Somebody's got to be there to pick up the pieces...

Speaking of empires collapsing, I'm also reminded of this quote from Salon/The Guardian:

The paradox may be beyond Bush, but the best way he could make progress in his war on terror would be by winning peace in the Middle East. When Osama bin Laden launched his attack on the Twin Towers he intended it as a demonstration of his malign belief that the only relationship acceptable between the West and Islam was one of violent confrontation. As George Soros has argued, the Bush administration walked into a trap by responding in a way that accepted the terms of the relationship set down by its enemy.

(Emphasis mine.)

Soros is right, and neither should folks on the left accept the terms of the relationship set down by the right.

I won't.

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