Thursday, November 11, 2004

More on Practice...

In a world where ideology blinds people to the real acts of malfeasance around us, it is ideology itself that must be countered.

The results of that ideology are clear; as Nakagawa Soen is reputed to have said, news headlines can be read as sacred texts if viewed from the proper perspective.

Today, reading the news, I find today's news stories have much to do with what can only be described as kleptomania by the few against the many:

If you're a veteran, you're screwed economically.

For a long time, it was believed that veterans of popular wars benefited from their service when they rejoined the civilian labor market, while veterans of unpopular wars lost out. A growing body of research, however, shows that most veterans - whether inductees during a draft or enlistees in the voluntary forces - suffer an earnings penalty in the civilian economy. Military experience appears to be worth little to most private-sector employers.

The exceptions are if you're a minority veteran, but the reasons for that should be, uh obvious.

And then there's Bush's Social Security Scam.

These present the obvious problems to work on: How do we respond?

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