Monday, November 08, 2004

Looks like this "election" was not legit either...

Evidence continues to mount that the vote was hacked in favor of Republicans. This should surprise no one, since the Republican Party is the party of Plamegate, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and so forth, and when it comes to actions that tear at the heart of legitimate government to the point of sedition, the Dems can't hold a candle to the Republican Party.

I don't think that there is anything that is out-and-out there yet, but given past behavior, and given the statistical anomalies, nobody but the most rabid Bush supporters at this point can deny there is enough "probable cause" for an investigation. (Or, "It's Occam's Razor, Stupid.")

With Keith Olberman getting on the story, this may be Bush's Watergate. Assuming the leopard doesn't change his spots, this could basically be the start of the end of the Republican Party, since at some point, ordinary people just won't take this crap anymore.

Between the stuff Olberman's reporting and the problems Thom Hartman's mentioned, it does appear that Florida and Ohio's results need to be revisited.

One other point to some die-hard folks on DU: Walk and chew gum at the same time. Yeah, the evidence points to a hacked vote. But yeah, also expand the base. Until the Republican party repudiates its anti-American, anti-liberty, anti-middle class, anti-non-Christian agenda, thoughtful, responsible people should be dedicated to the using all available legal means to marginalize the Republican party, if not eliminate it as a meaningful political force in American life. Part of that is uniting the American people.


Bluelemur has some interesting articles on this here, and here.

I agree that it is "imprudent to draw conclusions," and that

...there are four possible causes of the “Bush gains.” (1) Significantly greater lying or refusal to speak to pollsters in Bush voters versus Kerry voters; (2) Consistent/systematic errors in weighting demographic groups; (3) A surge of Bush voters after 4 p.m., in all states; (4) Systematic tampering/hacking of reported vote totals, in Bush’s favor.

We simply don't know which alternative is true, and without an open process we won't know which alternative is true.

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Further Update

Keith Olberman's on the story on MSNBC.

This could get interesting.

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