Friday, August 27, 2004

Can you say "moral turpitude?"


Oregon City -
The Clackamas County Prosecutor who appeared in an ad against John Kerry has been suspended from his job, but not for speaking out. Al French has been the target of local protests after his appearance in a political ad questioning the the Democratic candidate's war record.

On Thursday he was placed on leave by the Clackamas County District Attorney's office. It wasn't for his statements against Kerry, but for lying about an extra-marital affair. Reports say French misled his former boss ten years ago to avoid getting fired.

French has faced a great deal of scrutiny since the ad first aired, with veterans calling for his resignation. He said in the spot that he had served with John Kerry, and that Kerry exaggerated his war record. He also signed an affidavit, swearing to tell the truth during the taping. French later admitted he had not served with Kerry, but relied on accounts from his friends.

That irked local veterans, who complained to the Oregon Bar Association. They say French violated his duty as a state official by lying on the affidavit, and can no longer be trusted

Really, how could this guy be an attorney representing "the people" when he's a proven liar?


Richard Bennett said...

I understand French's girlfriend was Monica Lewinsky.

No double standard to see here, so let's move along.

Mumon said...

Actually, there is no "double standard." Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky did not violate his oath of office, whereas French's did (i.e., the canons of the state bar.)

Moreover, as I've noted above, the swiftboat stuff is being investigated now, too.

I suspect John O'Neill's going to have to think of another career- maybe spying for Israel.

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