Friday, August 20, 2004

Is Free Republic going to be busted next?

The Swift Boat Campaign fiasco is turning into another Watergate.

Which is bad, bad news for Bush, 'cause he's running against the guy that made his bones on Iran-Contra and BCCI.

As we noted below, Kerry's got the goods on Bush's violations of the election law.

Now, people may start to poke around at the Free Republic website...


Free Republic is one of the conservative websites where Corsi's racist contributions were posted. Scott Swett, Free Republic's Director, is also the webmaster for the Swift Boat Veterans website - further indication that the group is neither unbiased or nonpartisan.

Now we know "Free Republic" is a Limited Liabilty Corporation (LLC). But there's something called the "Free Republic Network," that's a 501(c)(4)- which is not supposed to advocate for any particular candidate.

If we can connect the dots between the Free Republic Network and George W. Bush and Jim Robinson, then this thing is going to get much bigger than the Swift Boat Liars- perhaps much bigger.

Stay tuned.

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