Sunday, August 08, 2004

CNBC's Russert Show Shows O'Reilly to be a thug...

If anyone can find a link to the transcript, I'd appreciate it.

Russert had on Krugman and O'Reilly.

Krugman was great against O'Reilly, who appeared like he is: a bully, who, when cornered, descends into personal attacks.

His bellowing about Media Matters was particularly telling.

Without any substance, he tried to attack Media Matters as "radical," and used other invectives, but never could say they were false.

Some day, this clown's may be on the receiving end of some litigation, at this rate.

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Richard Bennett said...

I've noticed all of your posts say "more" at the end, even when there isn't any there there. That's annoying and you should fix it.