Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Black is White, White is Black...

Well, it seems the Freepers are gaga over this article that appears on the NY Sun website.

Now this is kind of odd, to tell you the truth: the article makes reference to the well-known smear campaign against Kerry by the Nixon junta. And for some reason right-wing extremists are trying to make hay out of a smear campaign by the most distraced "administration" in history???

Now this is the sort of thing that is likely to be twisted by right wing extremists further... so here's some facts they might find unpleasant:

1. Kerry was actually discharged in 1966 when he completed officers' school.
( The document in question is his discharge from the Naval Reserve (

2. Right wing extremists are making this out to be some kind of undesirable discharge for Kerry that was later appealed, but there is no evidence at all that this is the case:

The relevant sections quoted in the "article" above seem to deal with discharges from the reserves. There are other sections related to "less than honorable behavior."

Indeed, if the reference were to section 1181, subchapter (b), then they might have a case. But, alas for the freepers, it does not.

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