Tuesday, October 12, 2004

"It's capitalism, stupid"

That was the response on one forum on the 'net on the scandal involving the Bush cronies at Sinclair Broadcasting.

And that poster is right.

Before any righties start whining about "freedom of expression," let's make it perfectly clear:

1. Frequency spectrum is public property- spectrum is owned by the people.

2. As such, those who lease frequency spectrum are subject to the regulations involved.

3. Nobody is denying the rights of the individuals at Sinclair Broadcast Group to say what they want or to run their business into the ground.

But they simply cannot violate election laws, and think they can get away with it- and if they try to do it, the boycott against them will work.


3 words: Air America radio. Advertisers know that there's a huge market for real liberal media, not the kind you see on CNN, and they also know that this stuff is getting out and there will be a boycott.

So, if the SOB's actually air the Kerry smear, hopefully it'll free up some under-utilized spectrum for Al Gore's network.

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