Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The NY Times today has a story about Catholic officials trying to steer the election for Bush.

In an interview in his residence here, Archbishop Chaput said a vote for a candidate like Mr. Kerry who supports abortion rights or embryonic stem cell research would be a sin that must be confessed before receiving Communion.
"If you vote this way, are you cooperating in evil?" he asked. "And if you know you are cooperating in evil, should you go to confession? The answer is yes."...

Many parishes are having free-for-alls over what materials to use in
helping Catholics think through their choices. Many bishops are using a document
the bishops developed last year, "Faithful Citizenship." It tells Catholic
voters to consider a range of issues and vote their consciences. Other parishes
are instead using a guide from a conservative Web site, Catholic Answers, at
www.catholic .com. The guide says it is a sin to vote for a candidate who
supports any one of five "non-negotiable issues," abortion, euthanasia,
embryonic stem cell research, human cloning and homosexual marriage.

This is all very bizarre to me: it is, as I see it, cooperation with evil to support George W. Bush, and I am not speaking in hyperbole. If you look at George W. Bush, what he's done, who he's appointed, who has benefitted, you find that the most unsavory aspects of American political life over the past 30 years are tied up in a neat package with him.

His attack on Iraq has brought rebukes from the Pope; his economic policies have lead to greater impoverishment.

Above all, the key to George W. Bush's maintenance of his position is repeated lies.

To minimize this because a candidate thinks that people should be able to decide issues related to human sexuality according to- gasp- their conscience, in my opinion is the cheeziest kind of moral relativism.

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