Sunday, October 24, 2004

Two telling quotations from the campaigns...

From today's NY Times Week in Review section...

"I want somebody who reads and reflects in the White House, not someone who just goes with his gut and then prays to God he's right," said Penny McConnell, a schoolteacher at a Kerry rally in Pittsburgh. Then, gazing at Mr. Kerry, she added: "Tell me he doesn't look like a grown-up!"

Linda Farquhar, a house cleaner, gazed with similar intensity at Mr. Bush in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "He has integrity, he's forthright, he takes us forth to fight the terrorists," she said. "Bush is a godly man. He is a representative of Jesus."

I don't vote for popes and I don't vote for anybody else who claims to be a representative of Christ.

And yes, Kerry does indeed look and act like a grown-up.

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