Sunday, May 15, 2005

書道: Acupuncture


Master Tung Ching Chang has been referred to as The Greatest Acupuncture Master who ever lived. He was a traditional Chinese physician from the Shandong Province in Northern China, famous for the miraculous and spontaneous results he would obtain using just a few needles. The points he used are unique in that they are located opposite the affected area. In most cases, the patient notices the effect immediately upon insertion of the needle.

Master Tung’s Points were a treasured family secret, handed down and refined over many generations. He moved to Taiwan on 1949. From 1953-1975, there were over 40,000 patient visits in his clinic in Taipei. Master Tung also began to teach his secret point system in Taipei. He chose all his students, 73, by himself and no any charge. Dr. Chuan-Min Wang is one of the 73 studen

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