Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's about time we apprehended 501(c) 3 bandits like Dobson.

Or, I should say, "possible" bandits. I've said it before, but finally this issue, at least on Kos, is getting the attention it deserves.

Most Buddhist temples, in the US at least, have strict separation of their fundraising activities from the temple activities itself.

I've contacted them with the following:

Where is the IRS filing from Focus on the Family, and how can I view it?

I'd like to know how this group retains its tax-exempt status, given the massive amount of political content on the website.

I'll be posting your response on my blog, and linking to major blogs that reach over 1/2 million, so a timely and honest response would be well appreciated.

See the next post for the types of things that these folks don't want discussed.

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