Sunday, May 08, 2005

Freedom of Music, a fundamental right

MP3 player heaven broadband internet FM radio 1970 lives again...Richie Havens High Flyin Bird' pay for this but you steal that: not all of the repetoires of all musicians is even in print on MP3, but you know of's not quite completely down the memory hole... we content ourselves with the three snippets of Blind Faith from iTunes and Napster, knowing, full well that there's not even a tip of the iceberg breached...I have never heard of Conor Oberst...the good stuff from Neil Young, Rust Never Sleeps, Welfare's gotta be here somewhere, I'm sure, just not on MP3, like Malaguena Salerosa as found in Kill Bill Vol. 2, but it is respite from the pure garbage that remains on FM radio today.

Oc-tober Project.

Music. I can at last drive to work without insipid vapid stupid banter or pseudo-serious agitation. Even Air America gets under my skin.

Goddamit, I was listening to WNEW in 1970. I friggin' know what radio can be.

I remember Paul Gorman and Mike Feder on BAI.

I remember "The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet" played on FM.

These guys who've done the MP3's have started to create the subversion of the media.

Don't believe squat about Rush Limabaugh, or Air America.

The world can get the hooch of real music. Not the crapola that's OK to play in Baptist churches, but the real thing, the threat, the metaphor for your loss of virginity, goddamit your alive music.


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