Thursday, May 04, 2006

The hell of white collar unemployment...

Via this diary on Kos, I learn of a book by Barbara Ehrenreich I'd overlooked on the career makeover folks.

Like those self-help books, if you need one, it's largely because you think you need one.

Network of course. At any job don't fuck with the locals- your co-workers. Be innocent as doves and cunning as foxes. Engage the system. Work hard and do your best. Think about your career in the grand scheme of things. After a while things are inevitably beyond your control, but "don't close doors, keep an escape clause because you might lose the big applause."

Otherwise, what the heck else do you need?

So while I think Ehrenreich's book is probably useful to illustrate the atomization of our work force and all that, it's kind of obvious.

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