Friday, May 12, 2006

Meanwhile on the oddball religious right fringe...

Donald Wildmon's "Agape Press" is touting an "online graduate degree program in science education" courtesy of the "Institute for Creation Research."

Here is a veritable treasure trove of sham and particular favorite is the admissions area...

Take, if you will, the application form. Check out the Gothic font where it says "Graduate School." Looks really official, don't it?

And they want to know:

  • If the applicant's been divorced
  • How many kids the applicant's got
  • If you are transferring from another school (!)
  • The "college level" science, math, and science education courses the applicant has had (I can't even remember all the ones I took! I guess that doesn't qualify me, does it?)
  • What the prospective student's high school transcript looks like!
  • My GRE scores (unfortunately for them, I never took one.)
  • Whether the prospective student or not is "in agreement with the tenets" of ICR (hard to find the link now, but basically you have to agree to be a creationist)
  • Last (on this list), but not least, "Have you personally accepted Christ as Savior, and have you committed yourself to the discipline of His Lordship?" and "What church do you attend?"

Now you say, "How much could this cost?" Good question. For "33 semester hours," they want $6600.00 plus evidently $1100.00 in "special fees," and for applicatons, etc., another $800.00 or so bucks, for a grand total of about $8500.00.

Good business they've got considering they're accredited by the prestigious "Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools."

And no doubt some poor folks are plunking down money for this.

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