Sunday, May 21, 2006

John McCain does not understand who the boss is...

McCain says New School students need lesson in courtesy

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine -- Sen. John McCain on Sunday lamented the nation's bitter political climate and suggested that students at the New School in New York take a courtesy lesson from those at Liberty University.

McCain, who appeared at a fundraiser for Republican gubernatorial hopeful David Emery, told reporters he was saddened by the reception he received Friday from hecklers during his commencement speech at the New School. Dozens of faculty members and students had turned their backs and raised signs in protest.

The Arizona senator said he has spoken at schools throughout the country but never before found himself in a situation in which it became difficult for him to get his message across.

"I've got to say that maybe the students at the New School could learn a lesson in courtesy from the students at Liberty University," he said.

McCain had delivered similar speeches last week at the New School, a historically liberal university, and Liberty, a Christian conservative bastion in Virginia founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell.

McCain said he was particularly disappointed to hear members of the New School audience call its president, former Medal of Honor winner Bob Kerrey, a war criminal.

"And when I mentioned a friend of mine who had died, people laughed," McCain added. "I was saddened that these young people live in such a dull world that they don't want to hear the views of someone who disagrees with them."

Mr. McCain:
1.You serve at our pleasure. You report to us. You are our public servant. We are your employers. As such, it's simply not your position to question the courtesy of those at whose pleasure you serve.

2. It is grossly impolite to kill tens of thousands of people. Far worse than anything you experienced either in your life time in Vietnam or at the New School.

3. Get over yourself. Your arrogance shows you are unfit to be in public service.

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