Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Review of the Feather Razor and Razor Blades

I don't think it's too far fetched to review razors on a blog medium in which others review books and movies, do you?

Anyway, the razor and blades I ordered arrived.  And the phrase "Holy crap!" is resounding in my head.

If you have never shaved with something like this (or, I guess, a straight razor) you haven't ever shaved. In your life.   Of course I'm sure aficionados of straight razors same the same about me.  But still...

These blades from Feather really do come from a company that makes surgical knives.   Apparently the area's famous for samurai swords too, I've read. 

The experience of shaving with a device like this is simply amazing. You have to apply about 10X more pressure with the standard American multi-blade razors to get anywhere near the shave you get from one of these double edge razor blades from Feather.   It takes a bit more technique than the current crop of Gillettes and Schicks, but the results  are as good or better.  Better: I'm easily able to shave places that I could not before.  As good: Full disclosure: I nicked myself once.  I usually score about that much with conventional  multi-blade razor blades.

It does take a bit longer (right now) than I'm used to,  but I can't believe I gave myself such a close shave, feeling almost nothing. 

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