Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quantum physics questions?

I think Barbara's basically starting in the right direction here, though I cringe at the inclusion of Ken Wilbur of course. I can't seem to get the comment in on her blog. (I'm sure it'll appear once this is posted!)

"Do you think quantum physics lends itself to religious belief?"

What an odd question. I can't even parse it really.

Similarly with the response that quoted Ken Wilbur.

Quantum physics, like any other scientific theory, is a predictive description of reality. The degree of accuracy or veracity of the theory is the degree to which the theory consistently predicts experimental results - observed results.

It's a recipe.

So quantum physics no more or less "lends itself" to religious belief in any way any more than any of Francis Lam's recipes.

There's no "first person" or "third person" gobbledygook involved in that any more than a recipe for caramelized onions with sauteed mushrooms.

I might put more on my blog about this later.

However, given my comment, you can see that I might take issue with the following:

There is no reason why science and dharma should interfere with or contradict each other, and in spots they do seem to touch each other in a harmonious way. But I also think that to fully engage in one requires letting go of the other.

 If you think of science like cooking (which the latter kind of is, anyway!) then the idea that to fully engage in the business of science is to "let go" of the Dharma is absurd - ask any Tenzo you happen to meet.

But otherwise, she's kind of in the right direction.

But - general rule of thumb - when a non-scientist or non-engineer uses the word "quantum" keep your woo detectors out.  The idea of asking this question to religious business people and not scientists is less relevant, to me, than asking the identical question to scientists, engineers, and those who fund their projects.


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