Thursday, November 18, 2010

Was it moral for scientists and engineers to design the atom bomb? The Pornoscanners?

Proulx michel imples the answer is "no" on a comment here.

The part about the pornoscanners is based on my reading of Jane Hamsher's post here, which includes the link to the threatened possible sexual molestation of a passenger here.

The answer to the first question, I'd say is "Wrong question, but if forced for an answer I'd say 'yes'." The reason I say yes is because I think it's easy to see how game theory applies in this question .

The second question is more difficult, but I would say, no, it was not moral to do so especially when you consider the principals involved - namely Michael Chertoff. People do have a responsibility to at least try to work with people who are dedicated to others. It's clear that the possible sexual abuse of untold numbers of people didn't matter to Chertoff - what mattered was lining his pockets.

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