Saturday, October 01, 2005

David Brooks: Why is this man given a megaphone?

From last night's News Hour with Jim Lerher:

Bill Frist has a lot of problems which we've talked to about on this show. To me, personal corruption is not one of them. I do not see him. I've looked at his career quite a lot. Any sense of venality, of trying to profit in financial terms, I just, for a guy who's led his life so carefully, to risk it for a few -- even a couple of million bucks or a couple of hundred thousand bucks, this plan of becoming President of the United States, I just don't buy it.

Really? Lived his life carefully? Let's see, he was first elected in 1994...

What about this?

He's been a major stockholder of a company that had the largest fraud fine in American history and he's "led his life so carefully?"

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