Thursday, October 27, 2005

Treasongate: Karma for Katrina?

It's the incompetence and corruption which causes the incontinence, and hence the investigations and the resulting suffering, according to Paul Bergala. But karma has a way of working through the nooks and crannies of existence, penetrating its very interstices:

The grand jury, a group of onetime strangers from across the District, has spent two days a week for nearly 24 months in the cloistered, guarded room on the third floor of the U.S. District Courthouse. They have sifted through the day planners of White House aides and listened intently as the prosecutor grilled West Wing officials and reporters who relied on them as confidential sources. They are paid $40 a day, plus $4 for transportation.

Now they might be called upon to make decisions that could deal a crippling blow to the Bush White House and put top administration officials on trial.

There were 23 members at the start, committed for 18 months. Their term was extended in May for six months. At least six original jurors have been excused because of hardships their service created. Some were replaced with alternates.

Like the jury's forewoman, the majority are African American women who appear to be middle-age or older. The jury includes at least two black men, two older white women and three white men. One trim, agile retiree with white hair often entered the grand jury room with his bicycle helmet in hand.

As everyone knows, Bush's standing amongst African Americans went down the tubes after Katrina. And now they sit in judgment of him and his accomplices and toadies.

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