Saturday, October 08, 2005

Good voter guide for Vancouver, WA

The folks at "LifePac" (who appear to be another zygotes-are-people-as well-as-brain-dead-are-people anti-human life group)want to keep Vancouver, WA libraries decrepit because, apparently, adults can read on the internet there, semi-privately, what they, LifePac, call "pornograpy."

Vancouver WA needs very badly better libraries. In the process, these busybodies have filed "candidate questionaires" seeking candidates positions on, inter alia, "Intelligent" "Design" being "taught" in schools.

Anybody living locally, you know what to do: put the kibosh on anyone they recommend, and vote for anyone they oppose.

The Mayor of Vancouver will be a toughie, though; both seem to be insensitive to religious plurality, but the fact that they don't like Royce Pollard and their almost recommended opponent is less qualified to run a city than my 4 year old son speaks for something.

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