Monday, October 31, 2005

What about Buddhism lately?

The overwhelming majority of the posts on this blog have not been explictly about Buddhism of late, or so might seem.

There's several reasons for this:

  • First of all, much of the practice of Buddhism simply can't be described, but practiced. While I generally see eye-to-eye with the political stance of the folks at Street Prophets, to me, the much of a discussion about Buddhism would distract from its practice. Of course there is an underlying moral attitude, informed by Buddhism that animates posts here, but when it comes to talking about Buddhist practice, this blog is only the tiniest of windows into it. It's a reflection of what's in my mind when I write and post, and hopefully at times conveys the vows I have made to help all beings. It definitely falls short of those vows from time to time, but the attempt is important; occaisonally the target is hit, and with practice the target is hit more.

  • There's much, much more going on in my life outside of this blog- which I simply cannot talk about, for reasons that have to do with committments outside of this blog. My work, for example has entered an interesting and somewhat demanding phase, which requires its own practice.

  • In truth, though, this blog is an attempt at applying Buddhism to the realms of the immediate concerns of life, in a very dangerous age, when greed, hatred, and ignorance are expressed as benevolence and righteousness.

Care must be taken.

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