Saturday, October 29, 2005

Yeah, Buish~ Hitler, sort of...

I saw over at Atrios that Jonah Goldberg, child of Lucianne, got around to writing - a book! Complaining about "liberal fascism!"

Now Hitler died some 60 years ago. Having recently re-seen Triumph of the Will, and having recently discoverred Mein Kampf on line, it's pretty easy to show that:

a) Hitler actually hated liberals; he thought liberal=Marxist=Jew.
Bushist conservatives think: liberal=Marxist=atheist="Arabist"="life not worthy of life." Do a search through Mein Kampf for "liberal." Hitler's rantings against the Frankfurter Zeitung come quite close to the rantings by conservatives against the NY Times. (Not that the Times doesn't deserve its share of criticism, but that comes about due to its sucking up to power, not questioning it.)

b) One can find echoes of Hitler's racism in Pat Robertson's rantings, Bob Jone's rantings (Bush had no problem going there), Reagan's visit to Bitburg, and of course, Pat Buchanan.

c) The left often compares Bush to Hitler, of course based on the similar the idol worship, the staged scenes, the cribbing of Triumph's flashy settings with the appropriate Orwellian backdrops. We recall "Mission Accomplished" with the codpiece airman suit, the handpicked audiences of sycophants, the abuse of dissenters, etc. "Politically correct" speech codes on campus - to the extent that these are not urban legends - simply can't compare to what we've seen from the Bush regime in the time it's been around. It outdoes Reagan.

d) Finally, there's the tiny matter of civil liberties. Bush and the right hate 'em, Hitler hated them. Sorry if we see a similarity.

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