Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Let me be on record as saying

If George Galloway lied to Congress, he, too should be prosecuted.

BRITISH MP George Galloway faces possible
criminal charges after a US Senate investigation tracked $US150,000
($197,000) in Iraqi oil money to his wife's bank account in Jordan.

The Senate permanent subcommittee on investigations will refer the
Respect Party MP for possible prosecution after concluding he gave
"false and misleading" testimony at his appearance before the panel in

The subcommittee will also forward the information to British
authorities, saying it raised questions about Mr Galloway's financial
disclosure and the payment of illegal kickbacks to Iraq.

"We have what we would call the smoking gun," Norm Coleman, the subcommittee's Republican chairman said.

The subcommittee's report, released yesterday, was provoked by
Mr Galloway's clash with the senators in May - which he turned into a
book titled Mr Galloway goes to Washington..

He reiterated his denials yesterday, saying he had "already comprehensively dealt with these allegations under oath"...

But the Senate report provides bank account
details tracking payments from an oil company through a Jordanian
middleman to Mr Galloway's now-estranged wife, Amina Naji Abu Zayyad,
and his Mariam Appeal fund.

"Galloway was anything but straight with the Congress. He was
anything but straight with the American people. There was a lot of
bombast. There was a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing," Senator
Coleman said.

On the other hand, I think, especially after all we've been through, that a degree of skepticism is in order; at the very least, did Gallowayknow his "now-estranged wife" and Mariam Appeal fund (sounds like a charity, doesn't it? does to me) misused the oil for food money? What evidence is there of kickbacks? It might just be that it went to a charity, but if the law was broken, then there should be prosecution, just as it should be for Libby, Cheney, and Bush.

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