Tuesday, October 04, 2005

DeLay will cop a plea

Clearly the latest indictments against him show that Earle brought the original indictments as part of a plea deal. If you haven't been listening to "those moonbats at Air America" you can be forgiven for not knowing that as of today Tom DeLay is staring at life- and that's "Texas justice life". Two dozen stories on Harriet Miers and one tiny blurb on DeLay.

Meanwhile I've got 2 reasons for Dems to oppose Miers:

1. Bush v. Gore, and

2. The unresolved status of whether you can indict a sitting president. I was always for this- always. If he's a common criminal, then, dammit, lock him up. Cronyism ensures that a Bush "always has a seat on the court." What the hell kind of a precedent is that? Affirmative action for 1 family?

Anyway, Auf Wiedersehen, Herr DeLay...

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