Saturday, October 02, 2004

Bush campaign meltdown.


How sweet it is!

Bush advisers were described as stunned by how negative the reviews were of the president's performance, which many of them regarded as not his best but not so bad. Bush was portrayed as upbeat while acknowledging to supporters that he knew he could have done better. His aides indicated they planned some retooling before Friday's debate, but maintained a sense of outward confidence.,,

Democratic and GOP strategists said both candidates face new challenges as a result of the first debate.

For Bush, the immediate objective is to wipe away impressions of that debate, in which he appeared annoyed and irritated by Kerry's criticism. But just as significant may be how well he passes the test of explaining why he believes his policies in Iraq are working at a time when conditions on the ground suggest that the insurgency is stronger than ever. The longer the focus is on Bush's record, these strategists said, the more trouble he may have.

And that's probably because Bush's record, is, in a word a disaster; which begs the question: If Bush is running for "reelection," and Bush can't talk honestly about his record without his poll numbers going down, why would anyone consider "reelecting" him?

Oh, yeah, Kerry's worse, because he's a Democrat/atheist/Communist/liberal. Geez.

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